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Tax structuring must first be divided into the domestic and international divisions. National tax structuring is limited to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, but is applicable to almost all types of taxes. Of course, the tax structuring is based on the relevant and available law and is prepared taking into account the legal and business consequences.
At the word "audit," all the warning signs light up for many business owners. This can cost a lot of money. Auditors who reject the accounts or additional estimates that come your way. Many are horrified at the very thought. Therefore, we help you to prevent this issue and in case of an actual audit, to deal with it properly. Collaboration and transparency are the key words here.
The Inheritance Tax Act (ErbStG) regulates the processes of inheritance and gift. If the tax exempt amounts are exceeded, an inheritance or gift tax return must be filed. Inheritance tax taxes the transfer of assets of a deceased person to the heir. The tax burden depends on the amount of the inheritance and the relationship between the testator and the heirs. To determine the inheritance tax, an inheritance tax return must be filed with the tax office.
In order to manage your company successfully in the long term, it is of great importance to adapt to the constantly changing economic conditions. Past sensible decisions may be rendered obsolete by innovations or even require adjustments. We keep an eye on everything for you - so that your company remains successful in the long term.
Unfortunately, tax assessment notices issued by the tax authorities are sometimes subject to errors. This fact is not only annoying, but also very expensive in the worst case. If you do not appeal against an unlawful assessment within the given period, you may even be left with the excess taxes paid.
Most people first think of a tax audit as an inconvenience. Be completely relaxed - we will accompany you. Whether it is a sole proprietorship or a corporation: Our experienced tax advisors will accompany you all the way through the tax audit process. We will prepare you for the examination, inform you of your rights, act as the examiner's contact during the examination and defend your interests in the final meeting. Finally, we review the auditor's report and check the tax office's notices.
A detailed but comprehensible expert opinion can help you and your financial administration to ensure that decision-making leeway is used consistently and in the best possible way. This creates an optimal basis for the design of tax planning and allows you to take advantage of all the resulting benefits. We are at your side with advice and support and provide you with an ideal planning basis so that your company achieves the highest possible economic advantage.

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