Brief overview

If required, we will gladly take over the regular writing of payment reminders or dunning letters for you or provide you with due date lists.

The use of and compliance with payment terms has a strong impact on your company’s liquidity. We support you in the implementation of a suitable payment process in which text recognition by suggestions facilitates your work.

If the accounting is prepared in our office and, ideally, the accounting cycles are short, we will prepare ready-made payment lists for you upon request. By means of the corresponding numerical data, we help you to optimize your payment terms with suppliers or to recognize dangers due to dependence on individual suppliers.

Digital collaboration for payment transactions

The solution allows you to easily create sales documents – from quotes to invoices to payment reminders. All documents can be easily transferred to the next processing stage; for example, a quotation can be continued directly into an invoice. This enables companies to respond quickly to customer inquiries as needed.

The prerequisite for using Auftragswesen online is DATEV Unternehmen online incl. mIDentity. Through the interaction of both programs, we offer support for business processes from a single source.

Online solution: DATEV order processing online

  • their offers and invoices at several locations, regardless of location.
    write or access data and evaluations online
  • via a simple invoice form and article structure as well as a
    Have simple document organization
  • keep only one price list
  • do not want to install the programs yourself
  • their vouchers with the law firm digitally via DATEV Unternehmen online
    want to exchange

Particularly suitable for companies that

  • work centrally at one location.
  • require an accounting system with additional functions related to order management, e.g. comprehensive article and price list maintenance or order controlling.
  • keep several price lists.
  • Need support for larger document volumes.
  • store their receipts and other business correspondence clearly in an integrated document management system and want to assign several documents to one transaction.
  • would like to exchange documents with the law firm on paper (via shuttle folders), digitally via data carrier (USB stick, CD, etc.) or via the DATEV computer center or via DATEV Unternehmen online.

In the course of digitization, entrepreneurs should also switch to e-billing. It will even become mandatory for business with the federal government. And it has many advantages. A definition.

Your self-booking clients want to post their invoices quickly and without errors – digitized receipts play a central role in this. This is because linking documents with the corresponding posting record increases the informative value of the accounting for your client. And you benefit too, because all the information for the annual financial statements is available at all times.

Show your clients how they can prepare their accounting more efficiently with digital document posting: with DATEV Mittelstand Faktura mit Rechnungswesen in conjunction with the cloud solution DATEV Unternehmen online.

International trade in goods and eCommerce present entrepreneurs with new challenges when it comes to processing invoice data. The DATEV software DATEV Controlling Package international automates mass data processing and meets all compliance requirements. Here’s how it works.

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