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Many companies still shy away from dealing with the topic of ratings – whether for reasons of cost, ignorance, lack of time, or the false assumption that ratings do not affect you and that you do not have the prerequisite for credit decisions with the legal update of the Basel Capital Guideline.

However, national regulations regarding borrowers are very diverse. Among other things they describe

  • the Basel III regulations on the equity base and liquidity requirements in the banking sector, which have a direct impact on lending and have repeatedly led to credit crunches in recent years, particularly in the area of small and medium-sized enterprises (so-called "SMEs"),
  • the requirement to disclose financial circumstances in accordance with section 18 of the KWG, and
  • the Minimum Requirements for the Credit Business ("MaK") pursuant to Section 25a of the German Banking Act (KWG).

Rating can be an analytical challenge, but the doors it opens are worth embracing. We support you in optimizing the decisive parameters and offer assistance in financing discussions. In addition, we prepare a rating report for your company and discuss with you the relevant criteria for improving the rating.

Selection of our services

  • Information on the probability of insolvency in recent years
  • Determination of a crisis signal value according to the Initiative Finanzstandort Deutschland ("IFD" for short)
  • a brief analysis of the profit, financial and asset situation of your company
  • Information about selected key figures on the company's situation
  • a preparation of your data from the point of view of the respective bank
  • a brief description of qualitative factors
  • prepared, meaningful and graphically appealing analysis
  • Preparation of rating opinions

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